Dr. Sylvia Rimm, Presenter and Psychologist on Gifted Children, Parenting, Education, Schools

Dr. Sylvia Rimm
Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Columnist,
Parenting Specialist, Gifted Children Advocate

Photo: Dr. Rimm was on a panel discussion at the 2017 National Association of Gifted Children with Tom Flynn, the screenwriter and author of “Gifted," the movie and the book.

"Dr. Sylvia Rimm offers down-to-earth advice parents
and teachers desperately seek,"
- The Washington Post

"Dr. Rimm is a welcome voice of calm and reason — someone who offers practical advice, with almost immediate results. She’s a guardian angel for families who need a
little or a lot of guidance."
- Katie Couric, former NBC Today show host



As a charismatic speaker, Dr. Rimm speaks internationally on family and school approaches to guiding children toward achievement, parenting, and the lives of teenagers. She is an effective speaker who fascinates audiences, speaking on many topics, tailoring her educational talks to an audience of parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders, and even students.



Dr. Rimm's Latest Book:

Education of the Gifted and Talented

(Seventh Edition)




Dr. Rimm's USA Book Award

Winner in Education:


Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades


Why Bright Kids get Poor Grades




New E-Book Available

Hello! I am writing to share with you a new free ebook written specifically for parents of gifted children entitled, Helping Gifted Kids Thrive: Insights From The Experts. I am proud to be a part of this collaborative effort. 

This free ebook takes a unique approach. Child & Family Therapist, Tina Harlow, interviewed 26 experts across the field of giftedness to ask them one question:

“What one thing can parents do now to help their gifted child to thrive in the future?”

This question is based on the worry that we see in many parents of gifted children today. Parents worry about the future and often question their own parenting abilities. My colleagues and I put great thought and care into our responses in hopes that this book may provide you with some inspiration and guidance along the way.

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All My Best,

Dr. Sylvia Rimm



E-Books Available

Dr. Rimm's books Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades, How to Parent So Children Will Learn, and Keys to Parenting the Gifted Child are available on e-book through Barnes and Noble for the Nook and Amazon.com for the Kindle.

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