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Ask Dr. Rimm your family question, and she will respond to it by including it in her syndicated newspaper column to help other parents that may be facing the same parenting problems. A copy of her response will also be emailed. All questions used for the column are completely anonymous.

If your local newspaper does not carry her column, ask your local newspaper to carry Dr. Rimm's column. Your local newspaper editor can contact Creators Syndicate to subscribe to Dr. Rimm's column. You can view Dr. Rimm's most recent newspaper columns released through Creators Syndicate.

Dr. Rimm welcomes questions from parents, grandparents, teachers and young people.

Please look over the variety of articles on the Parenting Articles page for answers to many parenting questions.

Solutions to many concerns that parents face today can be found in Dr. Rimm’s books and CDs/DVDs, which can be ordered from this web site.

Many columns and helpful articles are also published in Dr. Rimm's quarterly newsletter. Visit Dr. Rimm's Newsletter page to view a sample.

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