Dr. Sylvia Rimm's
Parenting for Achievement Course

Teach Dr. Rimm's Parenting for Achievement Course to parents in your school, church, clinic, or community center according to Dr. Sylvia Rimm's methods; or enhance or modify an existing parenting course. To assist you, read the materials and listen to the CDs listed below.

Topics covered in the course include: Praise and Criticism, Rewards and Punishments, Dependence and Dominance, Family Communication, Parent-School Communication, Independent Study Habits and Routines, How to Model and Expect Achievement.
The following materials are available for use in your Parenting for Achievement Course.


Starter Training Kit includes (as listed below, can be sold separately), Trainer Manual (PA100), one Parent Workbook (PA101), How to Parent So Children Will Learn (SR431), How to Parent CD Set (SR106).

Items are available separately to have additional copies for a class. Other Modules are available for Preschool and Gifted for the Trainer Manual (loose-leaf insert) and Parent Workbook.

TRAINER MANUAL loose-leaf book (includes one PA 101 Parent Workbook) PA 100 - $25.00
PARENT WORKBOOK 130-page bound book PA 101 - $15.00
How to Parent So Children Will Learn (click for description) SR 431 - $20.00
How to Parent CD set
(click for description)
SR 106 - $15.00

Optional Modules Available:

Preschool Modules - Trainer Manual Insert
(includes one Parent Workbook)
PA 102 -   $5.00
Preschool Modules - Parent Workbook PA 103 -   $4.00
Gifted Modules - Trainer Manual Insert
(includes one Parent Workbook)
PA 108 -   $5.00
Gifted Modules - Parent Workbook PA 109 -   $4.00

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