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Books by Dr. Sylvia Rimm

3rd Edition Now Available!

Why Bright Kids
Get Poor Grades
And What You Can Do About It

SR-430 - 416 Pages Softcover Book
Retail $24.95-

WinnerUSA Book Award Winner in Education:

Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades

*ForeWord Magazine's 2008 Book of the Year Award, Silver - Education


Click On the Book Cover Below to Read an Excerpt

Why Bright Kids get Poor Grades

Companions to Why Bright Kids Also Available:

Guidebook-Underachievement Syndrome: Causes and Cures

By Sylvia Rimm, Ph.D., Michael Cornale, M.S., Roland Manos, Ph.D., and Jeanne Behrend, Ph.D.

SR-101S - 373 Pages - $7.50

Underachievement Syndrome:
Causes and Cures

Compilation Cassette Set

SR-102 - 6 Cassette Set - $20.00

"A six-step plan that actually makes sense."
Washington Post Education Review

Dr. Sylvia Rimm, nationally known for her work on underachievement, offers parents and teachers a program to help their academically underachieving children. Millions of children with average, above average, or even gifted abilities--including those from homes where education is valued--do not perform up to their capabilities. This is what Dr. Rimm calls underachievement syndrome.Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades offers desperately needed help for the parents of underachieving children. Drawing on both clinical research and years of experience working with families, Dr. Rimm has developed a "trifocal model" for dealing with the problem; parents and teachers work together to get the students back on track. Dr. Rimm presents her practical and specific strategies for dealing with underachievement in a direct, down-to-earth style, using plenty of examples and anecdotes to show how effective her approach can be.
Some topics are:

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder,
Learning Disabilities, Intellectual and Creative Giftedness, Ability Grouping, Cooperative Learning,
Competition in the Classroom and Family, Single Parenting, Blended Families, Parenting and Teaching Tips, and more
Guidebook-Underachievement Syndrome:
Causes and Cures

by Sylvia Rimm, Ph.D., Michael Cornale, M.S.,
Roland Manos, Ph.D., and Jeanne Behrend, Ph.D.
(For use in schools and clinics.
Best used with Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades)

The Guidebook will assist teachers and psychologists in making better use of the contents of Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades in their schools or schools.
It provides a framework for implementing the Trifocal Model: a step-by-step approach for establishing a program for underachievers, written by the staff at Family Achievement Clinic who use the Trifocal Model on a daily basis

Reader's Comments about
Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades:

"I simply want to thank you for sharing your life's work in the area of underachievement. I stumbled upon Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades as I was desperately trying to discover other dimensions and clues to our 11-year-old son's academic struggles. Although he was diagnosed with ADD almost three years ago and has been afforded additional adaptive learning styles and tutoring, underachievement was never mentioned. Had I not embarked on this little research project independently, I would never have discovered this important area of study. Some of your descriptions and quotations in the book gave me chills, since we had heard some of the same things from our son verbatim!! Thank you for giving me a trail to follow and the vital information needed to help him be a success. The greatest gift we can give him is self-confidence and self-reliance. Your work has helped clarify methods to use to allow him to believe in himself. Thank you again"
--Columbus OH

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