Creativity Identification Instrument

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Both GIFT and GIFFI have been normed with rural, urban, and suburban students; are culturally fair; have specific reliability established for African-American, Hispanic, and Native American student groups; and identify creativity among both achieving and underachieving students.

GIFT, GIFFI and PRIDE are companion instruments for screening students in the area of creativity. Results are reported in terms of percentile scores and stanines.

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GIFT (Group Inventory for Finding Talent) was developed by Dr. Rimm to provide an easy-to-administer, reliable, and valid instrument for use in screening elementary school students for programs for the creatively gifted.

Dimensions are Many Interests, Independence and Imagination. Validated for special populations. ALSO AVAILABLE IN SPANISH.

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GIFT Primary Level
Grades K-2
Set of 30
SR 144 - $160.00*
GIFT Elementary Level
Grades 3-4
Set of 30
SR 145 - $160.00*
GIFT Upper Elementary Level
Grades 5-6
Set of 30
SR 146 - $160.00*
GIFT Specimen Set
(1 of each level)
SR 147 -   $15.00*

GIFFI (Group Inventory for Finding Interests) can be used to identify students at middle and high school levels with attitudes and values associated with creativity.

Dimensions include Creative Art and Writing, Many Interests, Confidence, Challenge-Inventiveness and Imagination. ALSO AVAILABLE IN SPANISH.

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GIFFI I Junior High Level
Grades 6-9
Set of 30
SR 148 - $190.00*
GIFFI II Senior High Level
Grades 9-12
Set of 30
SR 149 - $190.00*
GIFFI Specimen Set
(1 of each level)
SR 150 -   $15.00*

PRIDE (Preschool and Kindergarten Interest Descriptor) is a parent report inventory developed by Dr. Rimm to identify creative characteristics as they are displayed in children ages 3-6 years old.

Dimensions include Many Interests, Originality, Imagination-Playfulness, and Independence-Perseverance.

PRIDE Set of 30 SR 151 - $120.00*
PRIDE Specimen Set SR 152 -   $15.00*

*All costs for scoring are included in the purchase price.

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*All costs for scoring are included in the purchase price.