Dimension Descriptions

Factor analysis was performed with both GIFFI I and GIFFI II. Scores for each factor or dimension are included as part of the computer scoring service. Dimension scores are reported as stanines. Descriptions of the dimensions are included below:

Creative Writing & Arts – High scorers enjoy creative arts, stories, poetry and music. Low scorers do not enjoy involvement in the arts.

Challenge-Inventiveness – High scorers are risk takers. They enjoy difficult tasks and inventing and thinking of new ideas. Low scorers tend not to persevere and prefer easier tasks with less risk.

Confidence – High scorers find school easy and believe they have good ideas. They are more independent of peer pressure and willing to try new opportunities. Low scorers have a poorer self-image and find it important to be liked by their peers.

Imagination – High scorers are curious, enjoy questioning, aloneness, and travel. They like new and imaginary ideas. Low scorers are more literal and realistic and less curious.

Many Interests – High scorers have many hobbies and are interested in drama, literature, life in other countries, the past, the future and many other topics. Low scorers have few interests and hobbies.


GIFFI is normed with a population of over 8,000 children stratified according to grade. The population includes rural, urban and suburban children; minority and white representation and children from five geographical areas (northeast, south, central, southwest and western states).

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