Dr. Rimm's Prior-Year(s) Speaking Schedule

Listed below is Dr. Rimm's speaking and appearance schedule for 2011.

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Jan. 19
Leadership Lorain County
"See Jane Win: How to Mentor for Success"
Elyria, OH
Jan. 21 & 22
Washoe County Parent Connection
Friday Evening Keynote: "Parenting Gifted Children for Achievement"
Saturday Workshop: "Pressures Gifted Children Feel and Why Some Underachieve"
Reno, NV
Jan. 31
7:00 p.m.
Menlo Park Academy
Parent Evening: Middle School Grades: "Improving Student Performance in the Second Half of the Year"
Cleveland, OH
Feb. 5
Houston Co-Op for Gifted Education
Workshop: "Underachievement Syndrome"
Houston, TX
Feb. 7
Mandel Jewish Community Center
Keynote: Raising Preschoolers to be Happy Achieving Children
Cleveland, OH
Feb. 15
7:00 p.m.
Menlo Park Academy
Parent Evening: Elementary School Grades: "Improving Student Performance in the Second Half of the Year"
Cleveland, OH
Mar. 24
Cleveland State University
"Using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - IV for Identifying and Guiding Gifted Students"
Cleveland, OH
Apr. 5-9
University of Stavanger
"Developing the Full Potential of Talented Children"
Stavanger, Norway
Jun. 16
Hormel Foundation Gifted & Talented Education Symposium
Keynote: "Preventing & Reversing Underachievement"
Austin, MN
Jul. 21
Houston Co-Op for Gifted Education
Workshop: "Underachievement Syndrome: An Educational Epidemic"
Cypress, TX
Aug. 12
Houston Co-Op for Gifted Education
Workshop: "Underachievement Syndrome"
Houston, TX
Sept. 19-20
KAGE: Kentucky Association for Gifted Education
"Gender Issues in Achievement"
"Keys to Parenting the Gifted Child"
"Practical Strategies for Dealing with Underachievement"
"The Social/Emotional Needs of Gifted Children"
Bowling Green, KY
Oct. 1-13
Crystal Serenity Cruise Line
"Getting Along with Your Adult Children"
"See Jane Win: How Girls Become Successful Women"
"Smart Parenting and Wise Grandparenting for Smart Kids "
"Working in Television: Behind the scenes on Today, 20/20 and Oprah"
Venice to Barcelona
Oct. 19
Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD
"Parenting the Gifted Child"
Carrollton TX
Oct. 20
ALPS Group, McKinney Independent School District
"Underachievement Syndrome"
McKinney, TX
Oct. 23-24
Gifted Association of Missouri
"Parenting Gifted Children for Achievement"
"The Gifted Child" Superachiever of Underachiever"
"Strategies for Preventing/Reversing Underachivement"
Columbia, MO
Nov. 4 & 5
National Association for Gifted Children, Annual Conference
Friday: "Building Resilience in Girls During the Middle Grades"
"A Delicate Balance: Can Parent Advocacy Work Without Opposition"
Saturday Mini-Keynote: "Connecting for High Potential: How Families and Educators Can Work Collaboratively to Reverse Underachievement Among Gifted Students"
Saturday: "The Muddled Middle" Gender and Sexuality in Early Adolescents"
New Orleans, LA
Dec. 8
Peabody School
Developmental Stages of Gifted Children
Charlottesville, VA


Jan. 4-11
Crystal Cruise Line
"Relating to Your Children When They Are Adults"
"Smart Grandparenting for Smart Grandchildren"
Miami, FL to Caribbean Islands
Jan. 19 & 20
Carrollton-Farmers Branch School District
Parent Evening: "Pressures Gifted Children Feel and Why Some Underachieve"
Teacher Day: "Workday with Dr. Sylvia Rimm"
Carrollton, TX
Feb. 10
National Association for Gifted Children
Webinar on Wednesday: "Creative Underachiever: Out of the Box...What Box?"
Mar. 14
Agnon School
"Parenting in the 21st Century"
Cleveland, OH
Mar. 18
Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)
Webinar: "The Gifted Child: Super Achiever or Underachiever--Parents and Teachers Make the Difference"
Apr. 12-14
MICA Counsulting Services
Three-Day Workshop: "Teaching Gifted Children for Excellence"
State of Qatar
Apr. 18
Menlo Park Academy
Parent Open House: "Pressures Bright Children Feel"
Cleveland, OH
Apr. 22
Darien Advocates for Education of the Gifted
Parent and Educator Lunch: "Pressures Gifted Children Feel and Why Some Underachieve"
Darien, CT
May 14
Whittier School
Educator Sessions: Underachievement and ADHD Issues
Waukegan, IL
May 23
Birchwood School
Keynote at Annual Brunch: "Parenting for Achievement"
Cleveland, OH
Jun. 13 & 14
Ebda Center for Training and Educational Development
Two-Day Workshop: "Educating Gifted Children for Excellence"
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Jun. 26
Center for Talent Development-Northwestern University
Conference Keynote: "Parenting for Achievement"
Workshop: "Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades"
Evanston, IL
Aug. 23
Menlo Park Academy
Teacher Inservice: The Social-Emotional Needs of Gifted Children and the Prevention and Reversal of Underachievement
Cleveland, OH
Aug. 31
Lakewood Catholic Academy
Keynote: Parenting and Teaching for Achievement
Lakewood, OH
Sep. 15
Menlo Park Academy
Parent Presentation: Parenting Children for Achievement
Cleveland, OH
Sep. 30
Elmbrook Schools
Keynote: Empowered Parenting with Dr. Rimm
Brookfield, WI
Oct. 28
Trinity University Education Department
Seminar: "Motivating the Gifted and Creative Child
San Anotonio, TX
Nov. 11 & 12
National Association for Gifted Children-57th Annual Convention
Thursday: "The Pressures Gifted Children Feel: Why Some Underachieve plus Practical Strategies for Reversing Underachievement"
Friday: "Encouraging Great Minds to Lead the Way in Middle School" and "Parenting to Prevent and Reverse Underachievement"
Atlanta, GA