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Words and Music by: Don Rabalais,

Don’t be like Walter.  Don’t be like Walter that’s a crime. 
If you don’t, want to be like Walter, 
then always Do It Right  -The First Time!

There was a boy in school whose name was Walter. 
Walter always finished things real fast. 
He always said “Done!” before the others,
but Walter almost never ever passed!  (Refrain)

Now Walter didn’t think and use his strategies.
  “Finish first” was ONLY on his mind. 
When the teacher ran him through Check-o-rama. 
Walter always ended up behind.  (Refrain)

It took some time for Walter to understand things.
  He had rushed through school all his life. 
When the state test was growing ever closer, 
he finally accepted this advice.  (Refrain)

That state test came and went and he was nervous. 
He worked each question at least two or three times. 
When Walter got his grade he was so happy –
his grade was better than 95!


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