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Set of 4 Titles


The Pressures Gifted Children Feel and Why they Underachieve: Dr. Sylvia Rimm sensitizes the audience to the characteristics of underachievement syndrome
and the underlying psychological pressures that make gifted children vulnerable to the problem.
53 minutes.

The Psychological Importance of Classroom Challenge for Gifted Children's Achievement: Dr. Sylvia Rimm aids us in realizing the importance of appropriate challenge in the classroom as part of fostering achievement in gifted students. 42 minutes.
The Psychological Importance of Classroom Challenge is No Longer Available

A United Front for Gifted Children's Achievement: Dr. Sylvia Rimm gives parents some tips to guide them to united parenting and to avoid the "ogre and dummy" rituals that cause children problems. Dr. Rimm also explains how parents can be advocates for their gifted children without setting up oppositional relationships with schools. 51 minutes.

How to Respond Counterintuitively to Dependent and Dominant Underachievers: Dr. Sylvia Rimm shares information on how to sensitize teachers and parents to understanding gifted underachievers' defensive patterns. Dr. Rimm will also introduce the six steps of the Trifocal Model for reversing underachievement. 52 minutes.
How to Respond Counterintuitively is No Longer Available

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