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Parenting for Achievement

Parenting is more complex than it has ever been.  Dr. Rimm will share some of the current issues she has discussed with the listeners of her national public radio program, with viewers on her NBC-TV Today show interviews, and with the readers of her syndicated newspaper column. 

Perfectionism, competition, peer pressure, the changing roles of parents, single parents, divorce, creativity, sibling rivalry, and of course, school achievement will be among her topics. 

Dr. Rimm's emphasis, as always, will be on providing practical help in guiding children toward success, confidence, and kindness in a time when parents face continuous challenge.

Dr. Rimm will share the foundational principals of parenting which she provides to parents at Family Achievement Clinic and in her parenting book, How to Parent So Children Will Learn. She will describe the four cornerstones of raising happy achieving children.

  1. Empowering Your Children With the V of Love - How to praise and empower moderately so children do not feel excess pressure, are not given adult power too soon, and are encouraged to love learning.
  2. United Parenting - How spouses can support each other and their children's teachers to strengthen the educational process and prevent their children's underachievement.  Single parenting, grandparenting, and child care will be included.
  3. Teaching Habits That Encourage Learning - How to teach study habits as well as independent daily routines which will foster achievement and self-confidence.
  4. Setting Positive Expectations - How parents can communicate messages about achievement to their children by what they say about their own work.  Gender expectations for achievement will also be described.

If desired by the organizers, parents will have the opportunity to submit written questions before the program that Dr. Rimm will answer during a Q&A section.

Related materials include the book, How to Parent so Children Will Learn, and the Q-Card, Parent Pointers. Also, visit the Parenting Article, the Foundational Principles of Parenting.

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©2008 by Sylvia B. Rimm. All rights reserved.
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