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Identification of Gifted and Creative Students

Peer pressure to conform and the consensus building of cooperative learning together can diminish creativity because kids may indeed feel too intimidated to dare to think differently. 

On the other hand, too much emphasis on creativity may encourage kids to view creativity as surface nonconformity and define themselves as different and even oppositional. 

Understanding the creative options can permit teachers to provide creative experiences in both the regular and gifted classroom and can help students to become both flexible and disciplined in the creation of creative products and ideas.  Some descriptions of creative curriculum will be shared.

Dr. Rimm will also share the foundational principles of smart parenting for gifted children which she provides to parents at Family Achievement Clinic, and on television and radio, and in her parenting books and columns.

Adultlike vocabulary, unique thinking, and intense emotions establish special opportunities and some special risks for gifted children. Perfectionism, verbosity, overempowerment, and underachievement are some of the issues that parents and teachers of gifted children struggle with.  Dr. Rimm will also include helping gifted children cope with competition, personal and peer pressures, how to encourage them to love learning, and how to help them build sensitivity, resilience, humility, and confidence.

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