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How Jane Won

"I am a husband who likes to read and picked up your book by accident at Barnes and Noble. I must say that I am very impressed by the book and would like to see a lot of young people, particularly young women, read the book. It is the kind of positive reading material that one picks up and can never quite put down once the reading starts.

There is a strong need in this country for more stories to be told like the ones in 'How Jane Won.' Thanks, Dr. Rimm. I think your book is a must read for women everywhere."

Craig Dean Horton

"In reading How Jane Won by Dr. Rimm, I became not only reflective of my own past experiences, but I also became hopeful for my own future and future achievements. Throughout the book, Dr. Rimm illustrated how many of the women whose life stories were in the book, possessed a certain determination, self-efficacy, and belief in their own abilities that gave them a sense that they could overcome the obstacles in their paths to success. For example, Martha Coakley, a district attorney in Massachusetts, noted that education, doing her best, independence, and excelling at what she could do well in were common themes in her childhood. In fact, many of the women in the book noted similar values in their upbringing. I personally found those values to still be important guideposts in my current life as a growing woman.

Another important aspect that I gained from reading How Jane Won was a strong sense of inspiration and pride for being a woman. In fact I have begun to use some of the anecdotes and stories described by the women as personal motivational tools. I have particularly found I can relate to some of the women and even use them as role models for my own career development.

Overall, the women’s stories in the book in conjunction with Dr. Rimm’s expert comments have provided to me some outlines on how to create for myself a balanced and fulfilling life as a woman. I found this book to be fascinating and valuable¾ a true accolade for women."

Christine Gueulette
Graduate Student
University of Akron

"As a person who has set high standards for myself in my lifetime goals, I really appreciated this book because it combines both the very personalized autobiographies of these outstanding role models and the useful research study findings reference for young girls. If I want to go into a certain field, I can see what it might be like, and how the career these women chose affected their lives. . . . the book provides the important, first-hand accounts of their successes."

Dena Trugman, Age 14
Albemarle High School
Charlottesville, Virginia

"All of the women in this book are very successful in their own lives, whether they are CEOs of companies or homemakers. more than anything else, this book made me realize that success is all relative to one's personal goals and sense of worthiness."

Elana Bloomfield
9th Grade Student

"I just saw you on CNN and will go to our mall to find your book this afternoon! My 13-year-old daughter is a delight, and I want to try to empower her any way I can. She was chosen as a Millennium Dreamer by Disney this year. 2000 children from around the world who had contributed to their communities were chosen and invited to Disney World for a five-day symposium/presentation/event). Thank you again. . . what you are doing is SO important and appreciated."

Julie Davis

"Dr. Rimm, I just purchased your book (How Jane Won) today and can't wait to read it this weekend. I am in the middle of a career change, and I purchased your book so it would give insight and inspiration to keep plugging ahead. I am giving up my social work career and going back to graduate school (a second time) to pursue a degree in communication/journalism. I am 50 years old and everyone thinks I am nuts. I so want to make this change. thanks for a book which will help me believe in myself."

Peggy Kuehn
Shorewood, WI

"I was very inspired to learn about the book "How Jane Won." This is a very valuable and extremely informative tool mothers and daughters. It reminds me of my own situation. I arrived as a young 19-year-old bride from India to the US in 1974. I came from a very low income, artistic family but well nurtured one. As I had support from my husband, I was able to do my Master in Fine Arts degree in choreography at UCLA and had my dance debut at the age of 38 when most people quit dancing. Being an immigrant of ethnic background, it was possible to do many things mainly because of a single minded devotion to achieve a certain goal and find purpose in life. Thank you for your contribution as it is a much needed book."

Malathi Iyengar

By Dr. Sylvia Rimm
with Dr. Sara Rimm-Kaufman

The companion volume to Dr. Rimm's
New York Times Best Seller, See Jane Win

SR-404S - 304 Pages - Paperback - $13.46


How Jane Won

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